Next Generation High

Production DTF Printer

• Continuous Reliable Production

• 36” Inch Wide Print Area

• More Prints Per Hour

• 4 Print Heads

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The Pinnacle of Digital Transfer Printing Technology

• OmniPrint Direct Rip - The best print 

   and color management

• Multi Zone Film preheating and post

   heating controls

• Proprietary intelligent feeding and

  tension system

• 4 Epson i3200 High Resolution

  Print Heads

• Industrial Print Production Speed

• Industrial Bulk Ink System

• 36 inch wide print area

• White ink Circulation

Wide Print Area

The only solution that has a professional print area at 36 inches wide. 

Continuous Reliable Production

Designed from the ground up as an Industrial DTF Printer Solution.

Four Print Heads

4 Epson i3200 High Resolution Print Heads 

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Introducing the OmniDTF Plus, the pinnacle of digital transfer printing technology from OmniPrint International.

Unmatched in speed and precision, this industrial-grade printer features 4 advanced Epson i3200 print heads and an expansive 36-inch print area. This allows you to print more transfers per hour than any other solution.